LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — DISCLAIMER: The video contains strong language and is disturbing. It may be hard to watch.

A woman allegedly pushing an elderly man from an RTC bus was the shove seen around the Las Vegas valley and nationally. The Clark County Coroner said the victim, 74-year-old Serge Fournier died from his injuries weeks later.  On Thursday, the suspect, 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop pleaded not guilty to murdering Fournier. 

Bishop walked out of a District Court courtroom once again because she is still out on bail with high-level electronic monitoring or GPS. A hearing for Bishop is set to be continued on June 12.

The I-Team obtained exclusive video from inside an RTC bus minutes before police say Bishop pushed Fournier to his death.  On the surveillance video
Bishop can be heard exchanging words with another passenger before arguing with Fournier.

Police said witnesses told them Fournier asked Bishop to be nicer to passengers, but as the bus stopped near 13th and Fremont Street the two exchanged words.    

Bishop: “You are an ass****. Get your ass off, seriously. You are disgusting.”
Fournier: “Who?”
Bishop: “You!  You’re disgusting. 
Fournier: “You’re disgusting.”
Bishop: “Get the F*** out of my face! Seriously!”
Fournier: “Why? What you gonna do?”
Bishop: “Tell him to get the **** out of my face.”
Right after, the video showed Bishop getting off the bus and stepping over Fournier, while holding her young child’s hand.

Fournier was taken to the hospital and he died from his injuries weeks later.

Police were able to track Bishop down by going to her son’s school while she was picking him up. Bishop was arraigned and let out on $100,000 bail, but she has to wear high-level electronic monitoring.