Woman accused of murdering two people extradited from Peru to Henderson

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman accused of killing a former UNLV professor in 2016 and her husband in 2005 has been extradited from Peru.

Both of the men were stabbed in the neck before they died.

Edwin Colon’s death in 2005 was originally ruled a suicide. After police re-examined crime scene photos, detectives decided to charge Rita Colon with murder.

Edwin Colon

Rita told police her husband, Edwin, stabbed himself inside of their North Las Vegas home 14 years ago. But, Edwin’s brother, Luis, never believed it.

“Too many errors occurred in my brother’s case,” said Luis Colon.

In 2016, Rita’s boyfriend Leroy Pelton was also found stabbed to death in Henderson.

“You don’t expect that to be the demise of someone so well known and loved in the community,” said Lachasity Carroll, a former student of Pelton’s.

Shortly after Pelton’s death, Rita left the country. It was Luis who asked police to take another look at his brother’s case:

“There was nothing that was going to bring my brother back but Leroy Pelton should not be deceased right now. He should be alive.”

A second investigation brought forth troubling details:

“The wound on Edwin’s neck does not appear to be self inflicted due to the entry angle and location,” a written affidavit stated.

Luis worries a lack of evidence could prevent justice. Edwin was cremated by Rita years ago.

Edwin Colon

“He was in the military. All we wanted to do was to have him buried in the National Cemetery on Long Island where he could receive the color guards. That was taken away.”

Rita was booked into the Henderson Detention Center on Thursday. It’s unclear when she will appear in court.

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