LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Halloween is creeping closer and with that, you might be thinking about a Halloween costume.

Halloween celebrations for 2022 are expected to set new records for spending. The National Retail Federation estimates Americans will spend an average of $100.45 per person on costumes, candy, and decorations to celebrate Halloween. Nearly two-thirds of Americans also plan to take part in Halloween celebrations.

Costumes at Star Costume & Theatrical Supply. (KLAS)

Reporter Candace Charles stopped by Star Costume & Theatrical Supply to check out some of the costumes. According to manager Jared Salls, some of the most popular costumes are the traditional ones which include superheroes, wizards, witches, and occupational costumes.

He said the average price for a costume is between $65 to $85 but some costumes are as much as $350. The store also has makeup and fake blood, if that’s needed.