LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A gas pipeline leak impacting fuel shipment from California to Las Vegas led many drivers to panic buy fuel over the weekend. Now drivers are on the hunt for cheaper gas prices.

We talked to a driver named William at a gas station near Flamingo Road and Paradise Road. He said, “I think $4.10 is what I put in yesterday morning or $4.05. This should get me almost home.”

According to John Treanor with AAA, the average price of gas in Nevada is more than $4.00.

“Last week we were at $4.03 now we’re at $4.14 so we saw an 11-cent jump from last week to today,” Treanor said.

“Yesterday we were at $4.13 so we jumped a penny overnight. Now that is completely opposite from what we’ve seen in most parts of the country where we’ve seen prices really ease up and drop about 3 cents for over the weekend. So you could really see what impact that gas leak had on your wallet,” Treanor said.

Gov. Joe Lombardo declared a state of emergency on Friday, emphasizing that price gouging is strictly prohibited. But drivers are skeptical.

Another driver, Crystal, told us, “Right now I have to pay about $4.09 for gas. I think it’s absolutely insane. I usually try to fill up twice a week but usually, I’ll try to have my parents help me out because it’s been terrible. It’s almost doubled.”

The good news: maintenance on the pipeline finished Saturday, and operations are back on track.

“Demand should settle as people aren’t buying now that the pipeline is back up and operational,” Treanor said. “At the same time, supply is going to be there so we’ll see those prices drop pretty quickly.”

While each station sets its own gas price, AAA advises drivers to shop around. The website shows costs according to your location. (Search using your ZIP code.)

While we were interviewing people near Flamingo and Paradise, Gas Buddy showed us prices under $4.00 per gallon, including one station at $3.73. But it was higher in other locations — including $4.49, the highest price in the valley.

According to the Governor’s Office, the state of emergency will remain in effect until emergency management partners are able to confirm that fuel transport and supply have returned to normal. The Nevada Attorney General’s Office received eight complaints of price gouging as of Monday.