LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Aug. 13 collapse of a canopy on the front of a Las Vegas grocery store was caused by wind, according to an engineering review of the damage.

The La Bonita Supermarket at 2500 E. Desert Inn Road showed no unusual signs that suggest a structural defect caused the collapse, a letter sent to the Clark County building inspection supervisor Brian Johnson says.

Four people were hurt when the collapse occurred after a windy night. Gusts were reported at 35-45 mph the previous day, but the winds were not as bad when the front of the building fell in front of the store.

About 150 people who work at the store were reassigned to other locations.

The report was prepared by Kimley-Horn and Associates, a national engineering company with a Las Vegas office.

The structure was in good condition at the time of the collapse, according to the letter.

No signs of wood rot were found during the inspection, and “all the wood framing members appeared to be in good condition with generally solid clean looking wood,” according to the letter.

Some water staining from previous leaks was reported and surface roofing materials need replacement, but neither factor appeared to be “contributing to an observed life safety issue,” the letter said.