LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One northwest valley supermarket is out to make it easier for customers with electric vehicles to charge while they shop.

WinCo Foods has teamed with EVgo, the public charging network, to add fast chargers to its store at 6101 N. Decatur Blvd.

The two announced the collaboration in a news release on Thursday.

The WinCo site is the 18th charging station for EVgo in the metropolitan area, according to the news release. The new WinCo station has 350kW and 100kW fast chargers, serving four stalls overall.

WinCo, which also has a store in the valley at 7501 W. Washington Ave., said it is adding EVgo fast charging stalls to its locations in California, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Utah.

WinCo said by adding fast-charging stations to its properties, the store is extending its “first-class customer service … from inside the store to the parking lot.”

Added WinCo spokesman Noah Fleisher: “WinCo is happy to play our part in the reduction of carbon emissions in our operating areas. We hope the charging station at our Las Vegas store becomes a destination for EV users and can help encourage others to make the change.”

EVgo said its fast chargers are compatible with all fast-charge capable EVs on the market. Drivers can charge their EVs four ways on the network — by using the EVgo app, an EVgo program card, Autocharge+ or a credit card.

Charging rates vary by region, but the EVgo website says charging rates range from 28 cents to 41 cents a kW hour in California and 25 cents to 31 cents outside California. A membership fee — $4.99 per month — allows users to waive the $1.99 session fee.

The City of Las Vegas has seven charging stations for electric vehicles, all of which are free. They are:

  • Mirabelli Community Center, 6200 Hargrove Ave.
  • Veterans Memorial Community Center, 101 N. Pavilion Center Drive
  • Centennial Hills Community Center, 6601 N. Buffalo Drive
  • City Hall Parking Garage, 500 S. Main St.
  • Symphony Park Garage, 350 S. City Parkway
  • Symphony Park Garage, 355 Promenade Place
  • Historic Westside School, 330 W. Washington Ave.

At the City Hall and Symphony Park stations, entry and parking fees during charging apply.