LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse roundup north of Eureka is drawing criticism from advocates who have posted a video that shows horses trying to get out of a corral — and at least one instance of a horse on the ground.

The BLM reports that five horses have died of unknown causes, but says that other horses died of bloat — a condition related to malnutrition. The number of other horses that died of bloat was not specified.

The roundup of 1,225 horses from the Diamond Complex — in Central Nevada on public and private lands in the Diamond Peak area — began about a week ago.

Video posted on a site that claims to raise money for wild horse advocates shows a crowded corral with many horses that appear to be healthy, and at least one horse that appears to be kicked and trampled.

Other horses in the corral try to get over the fences. Some forcefully run into fences in other parts of the corral.

The authenticity of the video and details about where it was taken have not been verified:

See video here.

The roundup will continue into October, and officials intend to remove 1,165 horses to reduce the population to about 300. Some of the mares that are gathered will be treated with a fertility control vaccine, PZP-22, and released back into the herd.