LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Most towns and cities have strange, old, or just unknown laws on the books, this might fall into at least one of those categories.

According to the Clark County Code of Ordinances, anyone backing into a parking space at Harry Reid International Airport is doing it wrong.

The airport published the following directions on its Facebook page, “Help us help YOU! New parking technologies require drivers to pull FORWARD into parking spaces so license plates can be scanned to help us easily locate vehicles, increasing security and enhancing customer service. If you’re parking with us, don’t back in!”

Image: Harry Reid International Airport

8 News Now has published the section of the county ordinances below.

20.08.040 – Parking—Public/employee parking at the airport.

(a) There shall be designated at the airport, by the director of aviation, public parking areas which may be controlled by revenue control devices. There shall also be designated parking areas for use by persons employed at the airport who have been authorized by the director of aviation to park there.

     (b) The operator of a motor vehicle shall, when utilizing an airport parking lot, park said vehicle within the designated lines or markings indicating a parking space. Where posted, no operator of said vehicle shall back said vehicle into any parking space or otherwise park backwards in any parking space. The operator of a motor vehicle shall insure that the vehicle does not restrict the free flow of traffic through the parking area, does not restrict the entry and movement of other vehicles into adjacent spaces and lanes, and does not block the use of a fire lane.

     (c) Any person leaving a public parking area without a parking voucher or stub issued at the time of entry into said parking area may be required to show proper identification and evidence of ownership or right to the vehicle, and may be charged a minimum of a full daily rate and any additional amounts that are due.

     (d) The department of aviation operates employee parking areas where access to these areas may be controlled by a card access system, applicable vehicle decal and/or hangtag. No person shall park a motor vehicle at an employee parking lot operated by the department of aviation without valid airport identification issued by the department of aviation, and without complying with all Nevada vehicle registration laws. Where required, such motor vehicle must properly affix thereto a valid decal or hangtag approved for assignment to such motor vehicle by the department. "Properly affixed" means affixed by the adhesive on the decal, and shall not mean affixed by any other adhesive, paste, glue, tape, or by any other means. A "valid decal or hangtag" means a decal/hangtag issued or approved for issuance by the department of aviation for the period of time coincident with the time the motor vehicle is parked in the employee parking lot at the airport.

     (e) The parking rates shall apply to any person or user of the public airport parking areas and shall be established by the board of county commissioners by resolution.

     (f) Every person who uses a public parking area shall pay the full amount due when exiting, using an acceptable form of payment. Failure to pay the full amount due upon exit shall constitute a violation. The offending operator of the vehicle shall be issued a notice of infraction at the time of exit. The registered owner of the vehicle shall be responsible for the full amount of parking fees which are due and payable, plus the civil fines set forth in this chapter; provided, however, that if the full amount of the parking fees due and payable are paid within ten days after the violation occurred, no civil fines shall be assessed.