‘It’s horrifying to think what could happen,’ Las Vegas man’s family stuck in Afghanistan

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man’s desperate plea to help his wife and child evacuate Afghanistan.

Though thousands were able to leave with the help of the U.S., the sad reality is that many were left behind in the hands of the Taliban.

8 News Now Reporter Victoria Saha spoke to a local man exclusively as he shares his traumatic experience.

Imagine feeling absolutely helpless from across the world — wondering if your family is dead or alive and you can’t get a hold of them in Kabul.

This is the daily fear this man is going through, knowing his family’s fate now relies on the Taliban.

In fear that the Taliban may come across this story, this terrified husband just wants to go by the name Mohammed.

We are hiding his face and altered his voice so he isn’t recognized.

“It’s just horrifying to think about what could happen,” said Mohammed.

Mohammed is spending many sleepless nights making sure his 9-month-old baby and wife are alive. Sometimes he goes days without hearing from them.

He was a newlywed and the VISA process was taking a while. Mohammed married in 2020 and his wife got pregnant. Mohammed had to return to the U.S. because his wife’s documents weren’t ready.

In the midst of this, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the Taliban took over, shutting down the U.S. embassy.

That is why they have been separated for so long and ultimately ended up stuck in different parts of the world.

“My stomach is turning, how come she’s not responding to my texts emails, her tracking is off, I can’t track where she is at,” added Mohammed.

He says when U.S. troops were helping Afghani families evacuate, his wife and baby were waiting in line in front of the airport with hundreds of other families desperate to flee before the Taliban took the reigns of their homeland.

This is a picture his wife shared, giving a glimpse of the conditions.

“It was basically 3 days and 3 nights in the car, with no water no food, no bathroom with my 9-month-old baby with her,” Mohammed said.

That was just one of her six attempts. Mohammed says they had all the necessary paperwork but were denied when she got to the gate, accused of having fake documents by the Taliban.

“I assumed and she assumed that the U.S. would come and get them from the car and take them through the gate but that didn’t happen,” Mohammed added.

Then she tried again, this time she almost lost her life.

“She stepped outside to go confront them, she speaks the same language as they do, and they said, they hold the gun to her chest and said if you don’t go inside your car I will shoot you. I don’t care about your baby, I will shoot you.”

Mohammed now feels helpless. He has never met his baby and is wondering if he ever will.

“Why is this happening to me? But I just pray that everything goes right,” Mohammed said.

Mohammed and his family here have been in contact with local leaders and said Senator Rosen’s office is aware of the situation.

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