LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Animal Foundation announced it is in a critical space crisis, stating it took in over 400 animals in 4 days. As a result, the foundation asked for the community’s help to foster dogs to help make space in the shelter. However, those who showed up to foster a dog, told 8 News Now that their patience is running thin.

“I’m now 10th in line and it is still going to be a few hours,” Donovan Young said, as he waited in the parking lot of The Animal Foundation. 

Young arrived at the shelter first thing Tuesday morning. He had an appointment made as he was on a mission to go home with a dog named Gunner. Young already knew Gunner as he was his friend’s dog who was recently surrendered to the shelter. 

“There’s dogs that have been in here for months and they want to put you on this waiting list just to see them. They have been there for months,” Young said. 

When asked if he thought he would walk out with a dog that day Young said, “I’m willing to wait for him. That is how desperate I am to get the god.”

A few hours after the interview with Young, 8 News Now was notified that Gunner was already fostered out after Young waited all morning for him. 

On Friday, the foundation put out an emergency alert stating they do not have any more space and needed to have at least 100 dogs fostered to make space.

In April, The Animal Foundation took in more than 1,700 animals and 280 of those went to foster homes.

However, in that same month, more than 140 were returned. 

“We were fully prepared, we went and got leashes, food, all that stuff we were ready for our new dog, ” Christina Avalar said. 

Avalar wanted to get a dog for her kids, so she went to The Animal Foundation Sunday morning. 

“It’s now 6 o’clock and I’m still at number 3,” she said. 

About 9 hours later, Avalar found out the dog she wanted to adopt wasn’t adoptable because it wasn’t neutered. 

“There were a lot of great dogs in there that could have went home with somebody,” she said. 

Still wanting a dog, Avalar resorted to buying a puppy.

“He was expensive, but it was a lot more pleasant, and we could actually bring him home,” Avalar said. 

According to The Animal Foundation, wait times depend on where someone is in line, and they run on a first-come, first-served basis. 

If you are looking to foster or adopt, the Animal Foundation still needs your help. There are a few steps to make it an easier process such as finding an animal online and filling out paperwork beforehand. 

For information on the adoption process, click here.  Information about fostering can be found here.

If you find a stray dog, the foundation said to try and find the owner first rather than calling Animal Protection Services or bringing them to the shelter. Here are a few easy steps to try to reunite a stray dog with its owner.