LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As daylight saving time approaches, there are several communities in Nevada where people will be changing their clocks to a different time than the rest.

These communities could be called Nevada’s mountain-time towns. All of them are on, or close to, the borders of Utah and Idaho, two border states in the mountain time zone.

West Wendover

Bordering Utah, the only town in Nevada that isn’t in the Pacific time zone is the Elko County town of West Wendover. East Wendover is geographically in Utah. In October 1999, the U.S. Department of Transportation moved West Wendover out of the Pacific Time Zone due to the strong economic ties between the two towns.

Along the border between Nevada and Idaho, four communities unofficially observe mountain time.


Elko county is also home to the town of Jackpot, NV. With a population of 855 in 2020, it sits along Highway 93 and is best known for several casino hotels.

Duck Valley Reservation

Also in Elko County is the Duck Valley Reservation. It, along with the only town in it, Owyhee, observes mountain time. Owyhee had a population of 953 in the 2010 census.

Mountain City

On the southeast corner of the reservation, but not in the reservation, is the town of Mountain City. With a population of 14 in 2020, it also unofficially observes mountain time.


To the east of the reservation and Mountain City is the tiny community of Jarbidge. It is also unofficially on Mountain Time. According to, it has about 12 permanent residents and no paved roads for 20 miles in any direction.