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The job market will always become more competitive. Some wonder if a bachelors degree is enough or whether it makes sense to go for a higher degree.

Graduate degree programs are more advanced but when it comes to hiring, do employees have a preference?

“If you have the right skills coming out of the university then the world is your oyster,” said Bill Robinson, UNLV economics professor.

He says this is the best job market students have had in many years.

“I think what’s happened in the job market is it’s kinda split and there’s lots of jobs for people who don’t have much education but have some experience.”

Robert Half Regional’s Vice President agrees. He says it all sums up to either your skills or degree.
And at times, the degree is what clients lean towards.

“There is nearly 1 million more jobs available than available applicants right now,” said Damian Garcia, regional vice president, Robert Half.

According to a new Careerbuilder survey, 38 percent of employers have raised educational requirements over the last five years. 

“In a lot of disciplines, like economics or engineering or accounting that masters degree is an entry level degree now. That bachelors degree doesn’t get you a decent job anymore,”  Robinson said.

And while a bachelors degree goes a long way, some students say they want to look more marketable so they are taking the extra step.

“I’ve heard the story that the bachelor degree is now the new high school degree so I want to pursue something a little bit higher,” said Kurtis Joe Scott, who received a bachelors degree this year.

“You don’t need a masters to be a barista but we have masters students in economics, they get gobbled up by the hotels on the Strip fast as we can pump them out,” Robinson said.

“The unemployment rate for degreed professionals 25 or older is 2.2 percent so when a company looking for talent out there if they are putting degree as part of their requirement that even dwindels the results and even more shallows that pool,” Garcia said.

It really all depends on you discipline and in most disciplines, more education is needed.

Furthering your education is a big decision. Before committing, make sure you know what your goals are and look at all the options.

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