LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The F1 weekend has rolled into town and the frenzy is making some Las Vegas locals who spoke to 8 News Now want to go anywhere, but the Strip.

“I think people are staying home avoiding it like the plague,” Jordan Taylor said.

“F1 has scared all the locals away,” Jesse Fullen said.

Both Jesse and Jordan came down to the Arts District fully expecting long lines and crowded parking, but on the contrary, it was more like a ghost town.

“These chill Fridays downtown don’t happen very often so it’s like a holiday weekend. I’m very happy everyone stayed home or went out to Summerlin,” Fullen added.

If locals weren’t at home, they were out to Downtown Summerlin to enjoy the holiday parade.

“We don’t want to be downtown,” Rob Neri said. “There’s too much going on. Too many people and it’s busy and safer over here,” he added.

Locals such as Heather Harper who works on the Strip are pleased to spend nights as far away as possible. For Harper, she said she much prefers the company of a couple of hundred people compared to thousands at F1.

“I’m avoiding it as much as I can,” Harper said.