LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Next time you rent a car, it could drive up to your location on its own, thanks to a new electric option a company is set to launch in Las Vegas.

It’s called and it can soon be driving on its own.

“It’s a unique product where you can request a car and we will remotely drive the car, all-electric driverless car, to your doorstep,” said founder Anand Nandakumar. “Once it gets there, you as a customer jump in and drive it wherever you want to go.”

8 News Now’s Christian Cazares got the chance to go on a ride and check out how the state-of-the-art technology works. During the ride, the car cruised around downtown Las Vegas, crossing intersections to see how the vehicle moves until it arrives at the customer.

“People compare us to autonomous cars. We are drastically different, in fact, I call this an opposite approach. The car does all the signal and navigation by itself,” Nandakumar added. “Autonomous cars are not there now, because what do you do in a construction zone or a random bed on the road? How do you handle those situations?”

Inside the company’s headquarters off the Strip, 8 News Now got a look at the human operator controlling the rental car via the 5G network with six monitors to get a full view.

“I think Las Vegas is ready for this. People here want better products and better services,” Nandakumar said.

The Kia vehicles will cost you $15 an hour or $120 per day. The goal, according to Nandakumar, is to only use the car when needed.

You can begin to book your service Thursday.