What you need to know to request a crosswalk

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How do you get a crosswalk put in in an area that you believe needs one?

First, you need to identify where you want a crosswalk or other traffic safety feature and whether it is a county or city issue.

Then you contact the appropriate government agency. Whether it’s county or city — this is a public works issue.

For Clark County, you would contact Public Works. For the City of Las Vegas, there is a specific subsection of that department called the Traffic Engineering Section.

Then the process is the same. You would contact them via email or by phone and let them know your concern and the area where you believe safety is an issue.

This doesn’t just apply to crosswalks but also street lights and stop signs. Next, the agency will start their process of revie which involves a team going to the area and starting a traffic study following federal guidelines.

If they determine change is needed, there is no need for a city council vote or county commission vote or any other public comment period.

If not, you can address the issue again if there’s a change. 

The area where 12-year-old Jonathan Smith was hit and killed Monday is in Clark County and a county spokesperson told 8 News Now that area is now under review.

we have put links up for both the county and city at las vegas now dot com.  
    city : 702- 229-6327 https://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/residents/parking-transportation/traffic-engineering
 county: (702) 455-6000 or email intheworks@clarkcountynv.gov.

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