LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Powerball jackpot currently stands at $1.2 billion, the second highest in the Powerball’s 30-year history.

The pot grew after a winner wasn’t selected on Monday. There’s another drawing on Wednesday at 7:59 p.m. PT.

Winners have the option of either taking the lump sum, which is more than a half billion dollars, or annuity payments over 29 years.

At the Last Stop in Arizona, 63 miles from Las Vegas, people lined up to play the odds of becoming a billionaire overnight before crossing the Nevada state line.

“I would buy each of my children a brand-new house and I would pay attention to what God has for me,” Sammie Toles, of Dallas, said.

Toles currently lives in Las Vegas.

“Each and every one of my children would get a brand-new house. I have seven kids,” Toles said.

Robert Burkey and Nancy Davis are from Ohio and were at the Last Stop to take part in the lotto craze.

“I would quit my job and just continue to work on cars and stuff like what I’m doing now, but only at my convenience,” Burkey said. He would give his employer a two-week notice.

“I’ve been a nurse for many years and it would be nice to take a break from that, and just do what I want to in life,” Nancy Davis said.

Davis says she would also give a notice to quit and leave on a “happy note.”

David Hollomand bought himself and several of his friends Powerball tickets.

When asked if a friend let you borrow $20 and you bought the winning ticket with it. How much would you give them?

“Ten percent, that’s good enough,” Hollomand said.

But what if the friend wanted more?

“Rock, paper, scissors. It’s that simple. Two out of three. I’m going to win,” Hollomand said.

Hollomand traveled to Arizona from Las Vegas to buy the lottery tickets. Nevada is one of a few states that doesn’t participate in the Powerball lottery.

Magdalia Negron said that needs to change.

“I wish they would finally put it in Nevada. I mean, I wouldn’t have to drive out here. You know, we’d have more chances to win if we played the lottery out there,” Negron said.

Negron suspects the casinos have something to do with the lottery not being in Nevada.

“It wouldn’t stop anyone from gambling because they’ll play the lotto and still gamble. They’d still do both,” Negron said. “It would save me money on gas too.”

Arizona is one of the few states in the union that allows lottery winners to remain anonymous.

For Sherry Hayward of Las Vegas, she’d let her friends and family know if she struck gold.

“I would tell my friends and I would share my money with my friends and my family. They’re important and family sticks together,” Hayward said.