LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The cash was just too hard to pass up, and Spirit Airlines stockholders are ready to merge with JetBlue after months of negotiations that looked sure to produce a merger with Frontier Airlines.

What could a $3.8 billion Spirit-JetBlue merger mean for Las Vegas?

In the short-term, a lot of news about antitrust regulations and whether such a merger has any chance of approval. JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes sent an email to customers assuring them that all tickets would be honored and they wouldn’t lose any travel points, according to a USA Today report.

In the long-term, it could change the New York-based JetBlue’s strategy on Las Vegas flights.

The brand will be JetBlue, with Spirit jets and crews coming under a culture of an airline that is a low-cost carrier — but JetBlue is not as laser-focused on bare-bones operations. Fares could go up, but some analysts suggest that competition from Frontier could prevent big price increases.

And by the time a merger might be complete, who knows what the picture at Reid International Airport might look like for travelers?

Currently, Spirit (656,064 passengers in June) is the second-biggest carrier in Las Vegas behind Southwest Airlines (1.64 million passengers in June). A Spirit-Frontier merger would have brought two discount carriers together, likely into a solidified ranking as the second-biggest carrier here.

But JetBlue carried only 74,517 passengers in and out of Las Vegas in June — ninth in the market, and 20% below levels in May.

Frontier’s position in the market (417,076 passengers in June) is improving, growing 9% over the past month and pushing Frontier ahead of Delta to the No. 3 domestic carrier in Las Vegas in June.

Travel analyst Henry Harteveldt told Business Insider that Frontier’s presence as an ultra-low-cost carrier will play an important role — especially when Spirit is gone.

JetBlue’s strategy for Las Vegas remains to be seen, although analysts see Spirit’s strong presence here and in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Miami and Atlanta as important in the merger.

The aircraft acquired in the deal will give JetBlue the ability to build in those markets and continue to grow, and more resources will be available as flight schedules are consolidated across the JetBlue-Spirit map.