What to know about gradual lifting of eviction moratorium

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Despite the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, evictions can now start for some renters in Nevada. Gov. Steve Sisolak signed an emergency directive nearly a week ago to gradually lift the moratorium on evictions.

Dale Amos, CEO of Power Hour 360 Fitness Centers, said there are some of their Valley locations he doesn’t think will reopen.

“Once you shut down, revenue stops,” said Amos. “Three out of the four locations were fine. Landlords worked with us, and they furloughed our rent.”

He said at his Henderson location, he was unable to get help with rent from the landlord, and they are pursuing legal action.

“I would expect to be evicted, yes.”

Dawn Jenson from Nevada Legal Services says evictions, other than nonpayment, such as lease violations or nuisance notices, can start Aug. 1. She expects notices can start before September and Aug. 1.

“The way I understand the directive is that ‘seven day pay rent or quits,’ which is the most popular form of eviction, are not supposed to begin until Sept. 1.”

Jenson also noted, “It was recommended that landlord and tenants enter into repayments, but it is not mandated. It is not required. That is tenants primary concern at this point, and landlord concerns is that rent is not paid.”

Dawn says many are still waiting for unemployment benefits. She recommends trying a payment plan, and if you do, get it in writing.

When it comes to residential mortgages, foreclosures will start as soon as Sept. 1.

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