MYSTERY WIRE — A Las Vegas resident captured an unusual sighting in a video over the Las Vegas valley on Thursday night.

Steve Barone released the video on YouTube shortly after he shot it. He says the “unidentified object” was in the sky near the Mountain’s Edge community.

“My adrenaline is running,” Barone said as he took the video.”I know immediately that I’ve got something amazing there.” He narrates what he is seeing throughout the video.

Aerospace writer Tyler Rogoway, whose work appears on The Drive, discounted the report. “It’s nothing weird at all,” Rogoway said.

He added that camera sensors produce similar effects in low light. He said the object is an aircraft, coming toward the camera and then turning and flying perpendicular to the camera’s position. “There isn’t much to explain,” Rogoway said. “Watch an airplane or helicopter takoff runway” as the aircraft comes toward you and then turns.

Barone said he thought about calling 911 but didn’t want to stop shooting the video.

The Federal Aviation Administration said there were no reports of unusual aircraft activity in the area.