LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas has been home to just about every type of strange, dangerous, and jaw-dropping business over the decades, but one that just couldn’t take off was called Dinner in the Sky.

Dinner in the Sky is exactly what it implies. Guests would board a platform with 22 seats – that look like car racing seats — and be buckled in before they along with 21 other people would be lifted into the sky by a giant crane. The group would then be served a gourmet meal and drinks while hanging 180 feet in the air.

Dinner in the Sky – also known as Table in the Sky – was actually a thing on the Las Vegas Strip back in 2009 for a short while. But the concept was short-lived when the county commission denied it application for a permanent home on the north end of the Strip near Wynn. At the time it was speculated some of the large hotel-casino operators in the area were opposed to the idea and convinced commissioners to turn it down.

Then in 2013, Dinner in the Sky was back. There was even a proper groundbreaking at the proposed site one block north of Tropicana Avenue on Polaris Avenue.

But then – nothing happened. Over the next couple of years, there were rumors of construction starting, and there was some activity on the site, but eventually, it went dark.

The public relations company that represented Dinner in the Sky in 2013 told 8 News Now the people behind Dinner in the Sky just stopped all activity. And now, following some family issues, have gone in other directions.

Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas still has an active website, but it appears it has not been updated since 2016.

There is a company just called Dinner in the Sky that appears to still hold similar events around the world. According to its website Dinner in the Sky is being held in Brazil from Jan. 13 through the end of February and then in Belgium in June and July.