LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A young man was fatally struck during a hit and run in front of his house on Sunday, and residents say that cars usually speed down that block.

Bow Jordan, a personal friend of the deceased says he never thought something like this, would happen to someone he knew. “I see it on the news, someone gets hit. I’m like wow that’s unfortunate. But having it happen to someone so close to you, it hits a different part of your heart.”

He wants something to be done about speeding through residential areas. “This is such a straight path, people will use it as like a straightaway and just fly, he said, “just so they can see how fast their car can go a few times.”

This excessive speed can lead to accidents and death, leaving family members to bear the burden of these tragedies.

To the perpetrator, Jordan days to turn themselves in. “I don’t have any bad words because what goes around comes around and it’s going to happen sooner or later.”

Anyone who may have seen something or has camera footage is encouraged to contact the police.