LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A second bride shared her story with 8 News Now on Thursday and voiced her frustrations over the loss of her wedding venue in downtown Las Vegas. 

“It’s just been very frustrating,” Larissa Gaccione said. 

She described what she called an awful experience while planning her wedding.

 “We kind of were just at this point,” she recalled. “Like I guess we call it a loss and start over.”

Gaccione told 8 News Now she and her fiancé were set to get married at ‘Mansion 54’, also known as ‘Hartland Mansion,’ near Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard. 

However, about a month ago, she said everything changed. 

“All of a sudden, this veil was lifted,” Gaccione said. “And these things are coming out, and it wasn’t communicated.”

Gaccione said she received an email saying the iconic property sold and would no longer be holding events. 

She told 8 News Now the couple only got a portion of their money back. 

“We’ve lost now over $5,000,” she said. “Because we had had a separate caterer scheduled.”

This week, fire and city officials confirmed to 8 News Now that the historic site is now set to be demolished at the new owner’s request. 

County records show the home was sold in May for $4 million, to Lanny Dean Love, owner of Adult Superstores. 

“I can’t even imagine for the brides who were that month or this month,” Gaccione said. ‘And the money they’ve lost.”

In the end, Larissa was able to re-book her big day, but she said this kind of emotional and financial stress has been anything but easy. 

“We spent a lot of time and energy on even trying to get everything reset,” she concluded. “Come out more out of pocket.”

8 News Now reached out to Larissa’s contact with Mansion 54, along with the new owner of the property, but have not heard back.