LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Hundreds, if not thousands, of unemployment claimants are concerned after changes to their online portals.

The problems started for many people on Sunday.

Many reported that the portal history was wiped, and claimants are now being asked to verify more identity information.

“The Continued Assistance Act requires all states to implement identity verification in PUA,” DETR said.  “All PUA claimants will need to take a few extra steps when they file a new claim or the first time they file a continued weekly claim to verify their identity through”

Jeffrey Brown logged on to his unemployment portal on Sunday and thought his benefits were going to start.

“My benefit balance went from zero to over $10,000 — enough to cover me to September, which is from the American Rescue Plan,” Brown said.

Surprised by this, he checked again.

“Couple hours later I … I went back in because I was thrilled and I wanted to look at it. It changed — no more stimulus and my payment amount was zero,” he said.

Brown isn’t alone.

Many claimants went online and shared their frustration.

Amber Hansen runs a popular unemployment Facebook group. She says there are a number of problems.

Some are having previous claims wiped out. Some are getting payment changes. And others are getting identification notices.

A news release late Wednesday afternoon explained the identification requirement change, but not the other problems.

“It is just a giant mess. It does not seem to affect one group of people. It seems to affect … the commonality … I think those that are exhausted, in appeals or appealing something,” Hansen said.

People are worried about missing payments. Many are still waiting for DETR to make changes to get paid for he extra benefits being implemented by the latest stimulus bill.

Hansen wonders if a system update is playing a role.

“It may have something to do with an update, but this was the wrong way to go about it,” she said.

DETR sent the following statement to answer our questions after the story aired:

“Today, some PUA filers noted some data was missing from their claimant accounts.  DETR has been updating its systems to implement the new federal extensions in PUA.  This update has temporarily caused some accounts to appear as though they are starting over.  DETR is in the process of ensuring that claimants can continue to view all prior claim information in their accounts.  This update may take several days.  Claimants are not required to take any action.  The PUA site has remained up and PUA claimants continue to be able to file initial and weekly claims.  DETR will share further updates should additional issues arise.”

A DETR tweet today said there was a system update, and that PUA claimants stating there are some changes when it comes to filing weekly claims.

“The update may have also temporarily impacted what claimants can see regarding their appeals,” DETR said.