LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A weekend of severe flooding left many residents at an east Las Vegas valley apartment complex picking up the pieces.

“I told my kids to come inside because the rain was real hard out of nowhere. then we go inside our house and the water started rising up from our door,” Tania Brown told 8 News Now.

Brown lives at the Bella Estates Apartments and is happy to be safe with her family after the weekend’s weather wreaked havoc on her apartment complex.

A video from inside her apartment showed water all over the floor and Brown said several of her neighbors experienced more than just flood damage.

“We heard our neighbors screaming because their roof was caving in and because they are upstairs, everything that was happening from their house, was coming to our house,” Brown said.

Others who live in the complex shared with 8 News Now what they saw as the rushing water and wind moved things quickly.

“The trashcans were in one place over here and the water and the wind moved it right by the rest of the cars,” Marqis Nelson said. “A couple of these boulders were flying around last night. they were in the middle of the street and me and my brother were in the street picking them up to the sidewalk.”

As for assistance, the management team at the apartment complex and the Red Cross took charge of providing temporary housing for those affected.

Over the weekend, Las Vegas fire crews responded to 113 calls for swift water rescues, including over 30 vehicles stranded in water.