‘Week of Respect’ aims to help students and stop bullying

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In an effort to target and stop bullying, Governor Brian Sandoval has proclaimed this week as “A Week of Respect.” 

A student song Dianna Ross’ ‘”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” as a song of encouragement for the students at Paul E. Culley Elementary School Thursday.

The Clark County School District hopes students will learn to overcome any obstacle while treating people with respect.  That’s the message this week.

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“Being kind means showing integrity, showing empathy,” said Veronica Giron, 5th-grade student.

“I stand up for other people; for example, when I feel they’re getting bullied or people are teasing them, I stand up and tell them to not do that,” said Amy Martin, 5th-grade student. 

“It’s important that we’re all calibrated that we’re all sharing the same message that bullying is not ok at any level,” said Charles Sebeck of Equality and Diversity Educational Department for the Clark County School District.  “I’m really pleased to see that there is not very much of that, that goes on at our school.”

CCSD isn’t only sharing the message on campuses, but also around the valley by featuring famous faces in various videos. 

“We’ve always engaged the community, but this is the first year we’re using social media as a platform to really, how do I say this, really customize our message for different stakeholders,” Sebeck said.
Students and faculty at Culley Elementary worked to embrace kindness and empathy during an event in the school garden. There was even a dove release to honor the victims of the tragedy.  

 “We were remembering all the October 1st people,” Amy said.

“As part of  ” A Week of Respect,” students at Culley Elementary folded more than 1,000 cranes to hang in their garden as a symbol of peace.”

“I was helping with the cranes, and I was helping the teacher doing the cranes and putting the beads on,” said Amy.

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