WEB EXTRA: Grandmother’s questions point at painful truth

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Bernadine Morimoto’s questions ring out in the courtroom as she asks, “Where were you?”

Her questions, directed at Sherry Morse during Morse’s sentencing hearing. Morimoto was making a victim impact statement before Morse’s sentencing.

Morimoto is the grandmother of Abygaile Bennett.

“For four years, I have had these haunting questions,” Morimoto says.

“You may not have done the act of killing her, but you had a part of that outcome. You say how you love all your precious grandbabies, and would do anything for them. So where were you? Where were you when Abygaile and her sister would get shoved under cold showers because they messed their pants?”

“Where were you when Abygaile’s soaked panties with urine were shoved in her mouth? Where were you?”

“Where were you? Here’s the doozy … where were you when Abygaile’s syster had a blanket wrapped around her face and her head, and then hung by her ankles over the railing under your second-story floor of your house? Where were you?”

“Crying and screaming with fear she’ll fall. Do you know it was all because she was hungry and she didn’t stop crying because she was scared? Where were you?”

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