HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — Many residents across the Las Vegas valley woke up to a whole lot of weather damage on Labor Day after strong winds up to 80 mph dominated the area late Sunday night into early Monday morning.

The City of Henderson was hit the hardest.

“When I heard it it sounded like a crack of lightning,” said Kenny Rosemeyer, Henderson resident.

Rosemeyer has lived in the valley for about six years. According to him, what he heard and saw last night was something he couldn’t imagine.

“I saw trees blowing around pretty good, and then it just escalated from there, and it got worse and worse and worse,” Rosemeyer said. “I came out when I heard that, and the trash cans here were flying down the streets; debris flying everywhere.”

According to Rosemeyer, the winds were so strong he felt his house windows move a bit.

“Right around 12:30 a.m. I heard the cracking and the crashing right then, and there, I kind of figured out, ‘ok something went down,'” said Rosemeyer.

“I came to the front yard to look; I did not expect to see that,” said Rosemeyer.

Rosemeyer saw half his tree had fallen down. It was a huge concern for him since that particular tree branch was 2-inches away from his neighbor’s roof, but luckily, there was no damage.

“We hired a tree service to come out they’ve already come out and taken a look at it and gave us an estimate, so we’re going to be 500 bucks in the hole on this one; to take it down chop it off remove everything,” Rosemeyer said.

According to Rosemeyer, the mistake he made was not trimming the tree before the wind storm.

“Trim; give your trees a hair cut,” Rosemeyer said. “I mean if they are this large and that thick, especially the death branches that aren’t growing anything anymore, they’re just dead weight.”

A total of 4,500 NV Energy customers were left without power during the severe weather.