LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The upcoming Fourth of July holiday is one of the busiest times of the year for animal shelters because many pets run away from their homes during fireworks celebrations.

This year, many shelters are worried because they have no extra room and already strained resources.

“Right now, we have over 700 animals on campus, about 300 of those animals are available for adoption right now,” said The Animal Foundation’s Kelsey Pizzi.

Pizzi said the Fourth of July holiday is a busy time for her staff because many pets get scared away. Last year, 559 animals were dropped off between July 1 and July 10.

“We have never been busier,” Pizzi added. “We were busy during the pandemic but because of the current economic crisis, we’ve never been busier. It’s not just us, it’s shelters everywhere.”

If your pet runs away or if you find a lost animal, local shelters recommend using social media tools like Facebook or Nextdoor.

“65% of intakes are animals surrendered by owners, the rest are transferred by other shelters,” said Executive Director of the Nevada SPCA Lori Heeren. “We’re full right now. That’s why it’s so important if you have financial resources right now to give a home to a homeless pet.”

As the holiday rolls in, double-check your home and yard for any areas your pet could escape from. Pizzi also suggests getting creative during the loud celebrations.

“The best thing you can do as an owner is creating a safe space, a crate or closet or bathroom,” she said. “Turn on the TV, music, or a fan.”

According to the Animal Foundation, only 20% of stray animals are reconnected with their families. Make sure your pet is microchipped, has a dog tag, and their information is current.