‘We forget these are real people’: Landlord reflects on delayed rent payments due to eviction moratorium

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The original federal eviction moratorium was set to expire next Thursday, but the CDC decided to extend it another month.

This, of course, helps tenants who cannot afford rent, but now we are hearing from a landlord who lost out on thousands of dollars but is doing her best to help tenants.

The CDC says this is the last time the federal eviction moratorium will be extended. Meanwhile, the Nevada state moratorium ended earlier this month and landlords are still making up for the loss of income.

Although the extension of the eviction moratorium comes as good news for tenants, landlords like Julie Brown are left scrambling to pick up the pieces.

“When they aren’t collecting those rents, they aren’t able to pay their mortgage. They aren’t able to pay their taxes,” Brown said.

It was a hard year for many landlords like Brown who own properties across the valley and rely on tenants’ rent as income.

But Brown says she wanted to work with her tenants so they would not be left on the streets.

“Every person has a story. Every house has a story,” Brown said. “We forget these are real people that have real challenges. Often times they are humiliated.”

She helped reduce the rent or come with up with a payment plan, but brown says some tenants took advantage of the eviction moratorium and did not pay rent at all, even when they had jobs.

At one property she lost more than $30,000.

“I do rely on that money to live and if all of them said I can’t pay that would have been disastrous,” Brown said.

In all, during the eviction moratorium brown says she lost close to $70,000 last year, but she hasn’t evicted anyone yet.

If you are a resident facing eviction or are behind on paying rent, legal experts say you should not wait until the federal eviction moratorium expiries.

Free legal help is available at the Civil Law Self-Help Center.

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