LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Students and families were left in limbo after a charter school abruptly closed in the middle of the school day.

The state public charter school authority is investigating what led to the closure of TEACH Las Vegas, near Torrey Pine and Rancho drives on Thursday.

“I talked to the office administrator today. She assured there was enough teachers. That everything was fine, that was just a couple of hours ago. And I get a call, I come down, and the cops are everywhere,” Cody Burgess said on Thursday.

Burgess is one of the hundreds of parents unsure about what to do next with their child.

“My daughter has to go to school, so hopefully these charter schools can open some seats,” Burgess said.

TEACH Las Vegas posted a letter on its website Wednesday, stating executive director Andrea Moore voluntarily resigned from her position effective Friday.

Parents and staff told 8 News Now this stems from an emergency board meeting held last week.

“We don’t even know how to feel. Everything has been a snowball effect. It’s happened so quickly,” Cydney James, a teacher at TEACH Las Vegas, said.

James, Veronica Ramirez, and Britany Franklin all work as teachers at the charter school.

The school’s executive director Moore as well as 17 other teachers did not show up Thursday.

“Half of my students are gone. Half of them, and the rest of them are leaving tomorrow. I don’t know what fifth grade is going to be like,” Ramirez said.

“I’m frustrated. I have to sit here and hug these crying children. My child is crying because her friends are leaving. It’s a lot, I’m sorry,” Franklin said as she gets teary-eyed.

Ana Campos has two kids enrolled at TEACH Las Vegas and said she doesn’t care for the drama. She just wants the focus back on the kids.

“This comes from the fact that they have really had a lot of problems at the school. That the parents never find out. I think that what is really happening here, there is a lack of communication,” Campos said.

Several staff members told 8 News Now the school won’t reopen to students until Wednesday.