LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — New details on a domestic violence incident that left two people dead are coming to light.

The incident happened Tuesday morning at the Crystal Cove apartments near Forte Apache and Desert Inn roads.

“I heard blood-curdling screams,” a neighbor who wished to stay anonymous said.

She and other neighbors rushed over to see where the screams were coming from.

“I thought they had started the kitchen on fire, and I was going to help them with it. I was going to get my fire extinguisher,” the neighbor said.

The neighbor said Dannon Bryant, 43, had appeared on his balcony while flames were coming out of his apartment.

She said Bryant eventually came down from his balcony and ran.

A few seconds later, a woman, covered in blood from stab wounds, appeared.

“We all went to go get ladders to try and get them but they were all too short. Finally we got her down,” the neighbor said.

According to neighbors, the woman rolled off her balcony.

“I checked her pulse,” she said. “At least she knows we tried.”

Neighbors stayed with the woman and did their best to try and rescue the dog but were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, police said around the same time, Bryant started approaching Desert Inn Road.

“Vehicles began to stop in the middle of the road as Bryant began walking towards them with a knife,” Assistant Sheriff Jamie Prossr said.

In a press conference Friday, Prossr said responding officers struck Bryant with a police vehicle in an attempt to stop him. It was unsuccessful, and police said Bryant stabbed himself again, finally dropping the knife after officers used a stun gun on him.

Bryant died shortly after.

Neighbors say they are heartbroken that they could not save the woman and the dog.

“I just really want her family to know we tried that we all tried very, very hard,” the neighbor said.

For a list of local and state resources for domestic violence and abuse victims, visit this link.