LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The mass stabbing that occurred on the Las Vegas Strip is still fresh on everyone’s mind. While police have said that this was a random attack, those who work on the Strip say this has caused them to rethink things.

While some victims of the attack were tourists, the locals who walk the Strip daily say they are also trying to cope with the tragedy.

Adrianna Sieh, who sells her jewelry on Las Vegas Boulevard said after the shock set in, the tragedy was a wake-up call to her and other street vendors.

“I always try to stay aware and alert about things, because there have been previous things to happen but this has made me think that I need to take a self-defense class,” said Sieh. “I definitely try to stay in open parking spaces and get to know a lot of people on the Strip, so we all look out for each other.”

Sieh said that because of the recent attack she now plans out her routes of where she is going to sell, making sure there is visible security nearby.

Much like Sieh, street performer Zuraus Shepherd is now on constant alert.

“I have to protect my surroundings and look out for the bad people,” said Shepherd. “When I see them, call the police or have a security guard.”

In the wake of the attack, many wonder what kind of mental state the suspect, Yoni Barrio, was in. Internal medicine specialist, Dr. Christopher Choi said that the challenge to help those in need continues because of the lack of physicians in our area.

“Last week we saw something on the strip that was horrible. Somebody lost it and ended up stabbing a number of people and I think we have been seeing more of these issues within the last several years because we as a society have undergone a lot of stress and we don’t know how to deal with it” said Choi.

As for now, security is ramped up on the Strip however, it is unknown how long it will last.