LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Wayne Newton was just 15 when he came to Las Vegas with his brother. He says his parents had his brother act as a chaperone, but show business just wasn’t for him.

“It didn’t mean anything to him,” Newton told 8 News Now about his brother. “In fact he kind of hated it. So, in 1970 he quit and he quit in the middle of the night. We were doing a show in Denver, Colorado and I get a call about 8 o’clock in the morning from my drummer and he said Jerry left. I said, ‘What? Jerry left?’ He said he’s had enough of this. So, I was appearing at the Frontier in those days, here and they withheld the flowers for the dressing room until my first show was over because they didn’t think I could do a show without my brother being there. I’ve been through all these nips and turns to realize, this is the greatest city in the world.”