LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It started with a message from an 8 News Now viewer about a water leak in Spring Valley near Twain and Rainbow, with a resident telling us they have seen water flowing there for about three weeks.

After going out to the leak, multiple residents in the area told us they’ve seen the same problem and ask the same question: Why is the water still flowing?

For residents like Anthony Ford, it’s something that gets on his nerves.

“It is a little bit annoying driving my car through the water and kind of skidding,” Ford explained. “I’ve skidded once or twice just getting through it and I’m not even going that fast. It has been very annoying the past couple of days. I would hate to be walking down the street wearing nice shoes or someone slipping. Having someone fall or something like that would be horrible.”

The water district told 8 News Now that when it comes to leaks like this, there are a lot of factors. It could be the responsibility of the property owner, or it could be the water district that needs to fix it.

In this case, it’s the property owner’s responsibility because it is on private property.

Ford understands being patient and just wants what’s best.

“Let’s just get this fixed and keep our streets clean.”

The property owner has repairs scheduled for Wednesday, March 8.

If you notice water leaks like this, you’re encouraged to report it to the Las Vegas Valley Water District, they do want to stress patience as they work to investigate each reported leak in the area.

If you are uncertain about where to report and how to report water issues, please see below for several ways to reach out directly to the Las Vegas Valley Water District:

They respond and monitor social media platforms for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There is also a Water District app, available on both the Play and Apple stores.

Contact Us forms on both the Las Vegas Water District website and the Southern Nevada Water Authority site.

You can also call the general customer care phone number at 702-870-4194