LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If you need help paying your water bill, you’re not alone.

Thanks to funds, in part from the Consolidated Appropriations Act and American Rescue Plan Act, there is help for those who may not be able to afford water and sewer costs.

“The bills have gone up, especially water in the past year,” Jen Mujica said.

Like many others in the valley, Mujica is seeing the cost of her utility bills rise. She’s already conserving as much water as she can by recycling her water.

“What I have is water purification. You have, whether it’s reverse osmosis, it usually puts out half of that water and it goes back down the drain,” Mujica explained. “I collect that in my sink and then every time it fills up, I use it for my outside plants and outside containers.”

Mujica said she’s all for teaching others how to conserve water and encourages others to see what state programs are available to cut costs.

“I think it’s so great. I think more information on it for the community would be so helpful. So it’s good that we’re talking about it today,” Mujica added. “It’s really good because it’s for homeowners and renters. You don’t have to just be a homeowner. So I thought that was really helpful.”

The state’s new water and sewer assistance program is designed to help Nevadans with their water and sewer costs, but it all depends on income requirements based on your household.

If you’re eligible, you’ll receive a one-time annual fixed credit paid directly to your account.

The minimum yearly payment for eligible households can be as low as $240.

 “My water bill was in the hundreds and now it’s less than a hundred,” homeowner Dawn Houlf said.

Houlf is already taking advantage of the rebate program offered by Southern Nevada Water Authority. She said she’s always looking for more ways to save.

“So, I put all rock, desert landscape, pergola. It looks beautiful now and there is hardly any water, so I love it,” Houlf added.

She said government programs are a big help, especially when inflation and rising costs continue.

“Just ask and speak to your family and friends and get onto the websites and investigate that because you’ll never know,” Houlf said. “There’s money out there to be saved. You just got to figure out how.”

For more information, click here:

To get a link to the application, click here

Submit a completed application with the following verification:

  • Proof of ALL income for EVERY PERSON in the household for at least the last thirty (30) days
  • Provide a complete copy of your rental agreement/lease (listing all persons in your household) or a copy of your mortgage statement
  • Proof of identity for the head of household
  • Proof of citizenship or legal status if born outside of the United States
  • Copies of your most recent water/sewer bills
  • If the utility bill is not in the applicant’s name, proof of identity for the individual listed on the utility bill is required along with written authorization for the applicant to apply
  • If the household expenses exceed the household income, proof is required to explain how the household is meeting its needs.