LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A mountain lion was spotted in the northwest Las Vegas valley Monday night.

Brittany Avey was driving past the intersection of Grand Canyon and Grand Teton when she spotted the big cat. As of Tuesday, it was not known if the mountain lion was still in the area.

“My husband first saw the mountain lion and he pulled over to the side, it was just in the middle of the road,” Avey told 8 News Now. “I think in a car is the most ideal place to see something like that I felt pretty safe. And like I said, it looked a little lost, so it was just really awesome.”

“Well, that cat in the video that you shared with me right towards the end, she kind of pressed it,” Doug Nielsen, a conservation education supervisor with the Nevada Department of Wildlife in Las Vegas, said. “It was getting nervous and it sat down, and kind of squatted in a leaping position.”

The last mountain lion sighting in the Las Vegas valley that 8 News Now reported was in early May of this year. It was spotted in a Spring Valley neighborhood near Fairbanks Road and Rushford Street which is near Flamingo Road and Jones Boulevard.

“We’re the ones that can change the equation. We’re the ones that have the ability to reason. These animals are going to respond based on thousands of years of evolution and development,” Nielsen added.

The advice from animal safety experts is to never approach a wild animal but rather to call animal control or 911.