LAS VEGAS (KLAS-TV) – Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and other state leaders are working to assist Nevadans with their housing struggles amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thousands of Nevadans have either been laid off or are working reduced hours because of the coronavirus outbreak — and many are wondering how they are going to pay their rent or mortgage. Governor Sisolak says helping those people is the whole point of his emergency directive.

“This is not the time to put people out on the streets,” Gov. Sisolak said.


Gov. Sisolak has signed an emergency directive that is putting a statewide moratorium on evictions, which will last through the duration of the State of Emergency.

“This directive is intended to keep people in their homes at a time where we’re encouraging all Nevadans to stay home, to stay home for Nevada,” Gov. Sisolak said.

This applies to all evictions, including for small businesses — and even those already filed in the courts. The only exception is if a tenant is dangerous and poses a threat to others. All late fees during the emergency period must also be waived.

“I am warning landlords that they cannot change the locks or put notice on their tenants’ doors or mailboxes to scare them into moving out,” Gov. Sisolak said.

Gov. Sisolak added that any attempts to get around his directive will be addressed by Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford.

“My office has received many complaints from those who have been, frankly, bullied by their landlords,” Ford said.

Ford says landlords will be held accountable through state statutes and consumer protections laws.

“We will be relying heavily upon those,” Ford said. “I’ve given my office and its attorneys the ability to do whatever they think is necessary in order to be able to protect the public in this regard.”

There is also a 90-day grace period for mortgage payments, and late payments will not be reported to credit agencies. But it is extremely important that you contact your lender in order to receive these relief options.

“We’re doing everything in our power to make things a little bit easier, and to make sure that when Nevada gets back to work, it gets back to work stronger than ever,” said Nevada State Treasurer Zach Conine.

Gov. Sisolak says his hope is that these efforts, “will provide a little comfort in a chaotic time.”

Gov. Sisolak also wants to make it clear that this does not constitute free rent or mortgage. You will still need to work out a payment plan with your landlord.

For more information about this new emergency directive, or other COVID-19 information, CLICK HERE.