LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Body camera footage shows a man who had just stabbed a woman to death and set an apartment on fire stabbing himself after being hit and run over by a patrol car in an officer’s attempt to stop him.

On Oct. 31, at around 10:48 a.m., officers were called to the 8800 block of Canyon Rim Way after a report of a battery with a deadly weapon.

According to Assistant Sheriff Jamie Prossr with the Las Vegas Police Department, Dannon Byrant, 43, was stabbing a woman on a second-floor apartment building. The person who called 911 told dispatch that she was covered in blood.

Witnesses also said Bryant was stabbing himself. He was armed with a knife with an 8-inch blade.

“He’s stabbing her, and he’s cutting himself,” the neighbor said to 911. 

Shortly after, before the police were able to arrive, Bryant set the apartment on fire.

“The place is on fire…the whole apartment is on fire.”  

According to Prossr, Bryant jumped off of the balcony and ran onto Desert Inn Road.

Neighbors attempted to help the victim escape the burning apartment from the balcony with a ladder, but she fell off of the balcony onto the pavement.

Medical personnel arrived and took the victim to a local hospital, where she later succumbed to her wounds and was pronounced dead.

Prossr said neighbors and officers also attempted to save a dog who was crying for help from the engulfed apartment but were unsuccessful.

Officer James Burt, 49, arrived and saw the suspect “stumbling” through traffic on Desert Inn Road near El Capitan Way. Vehicles were stopping on the roadway as Bryant was approaching them with the knife.

  • LVMPD release images of a deadly force incident on Oct. 31, 2023. (Credit: LVMPD)

Officer Burt used his patrol vehicle to “bump” Byrant several times to keep him away from bystanders. Bryant fell over and was run over by the patrol vehicle.

Once Officer Burt and his partner exited the vehicle, they saw that Byrant was still holding the knife and was stabbing himself again. Officer Burt then used his Taser on Bryant and officers were able to take him into custody.

Medical personnel arrived and pronounced Byrant dead on the scene.

Officer Burt has been placed on routine paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a review of the incident, according to LVMPD.

Prossr stated that this year there have been 25 homicides related to domestic violence, up from 19 at the same time last year.

For a list of local and state resources for domestic violence and abuse victims, visit this link.