NOTE: Clark County revised their proposed reopening plan and released the new recommendations on Tuesday, April 20. You can click here to read more about the county’s plan.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County will begin following its own reopening plan on May 1 when the state relinquishes authority to counties.

Gov. Sisolak set a goal Tuesday of having every Nevada county reopen to 100% capacity by June 1, but for that to happen, local health officials encourage Nevadans to get vaccinated and wear face masks.

Clark County has released its proposed local mitigation and enforcement plan that, if approved by the Commission, will take effect May 1. You can view the full proposal in the file below. The Clark County Commission will vote on the plan on Tuesday, April 20, at 9 a.m.


Capacity limits at Clark County restaurants, gyms, spas, private gatherings, and places of worship will remain in accordance with the current statewide standards, which is at 50%.

PROPOSED REOPENING PLAN (effective May 1, if approved):

Below are a few of the local measures in Clark County’s plan:

  • Large gatherings (groups of more than 250 individuals) can be approved 120 days in advance if there are less than 1,250 reported cases per week and the 14-day average percent positivity is less than 6%
  • Seating at restaurants and food establishments may increase to no more than 10 people per table with social distancing requirements
  • Buffets may open if: 1) each station is supervised by an employee; 2) hand sanitizer is offered to the patrons prior to obtaining tableware; 3) service utensils are changed out every hour
  • Food sampling at grocery stores can resume if face coverings are replaced as soon as sample is consumed
  • Adult entertainment establishments may operate under strict social distancing requirements and at no more than 50% capacity occupancy based on applicable fire code
  • Nightclubs and Dayclubs may operate under strict social distancing requirements and at no more than 50% capacity occupancy based on applicable fire code
  • Congregating areas can open for pool tables/arcade games with limitations
  • Gaming/Casinos: Right now, gaming floors are limited to 50% capacity. The Nevada Gaming Control Board will continue to set the rules for gaming floors and casinos. 


While counties will take over authority in a couple weeks, there are still essential baseline mitigation measures that will remain in place throughout the state:

  • Mask mandate
  • Social distancing and hygiene considerations
  • School reopening and operational requirements
  • Crisis Standards of Care
  • Industries regulated by the state, whether through professional licensing boards covered in Title 54 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, through state agencies, or through independent regulatory bodies such as the Gaming Control Board, will continue to follow the statewide baseline standards for COVID-19 mitigation measures and any mitigation measures promulgated by their respective regulatory bodies.

Clark County Commission Chairwoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick says that the counties are working together “to ensure that each county, based on their needs, can get going” on reopening to full capacity.

“Remember that Clark County is the engine that drives the train, economically,” Kirkpatrick said during a news conference Wednesday, April 14. “We do not want to shut back down so we need a measured approach so we can continue to stay on top of it.”