LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The City of Henderson is taking action against a business for violating COVID-19 directives during a Trump rally last night. The city fined Xtreme Manufacturing $3,000 and notified the company it violated its business license.

Don Ahern, owner of Xtreme Manufacturing and the Ahern Hotel, briefly addressed the media about his decision to hold the rally, despite the City of Henderson warning of potential penalties before the event.

“My goal was to continue the great American traditions of the right to assemble and to free speech,” said Ahern.


Ahern read a brief prepared statement today. He compared the Trump rally last night to people gathering at gaming tables, pool parties and recent protests. But the City of Henderson says an inspector found the event violated six COVID-19 emergency directives.

That includes a gathering of more than 50 people.

The Nevada Republican Party chair estimates roughly 5,500 people attended.

Ahern only answered one question, which was when 8 News Now asked him about the fine.

“We’re in some legal litigation, and we understand that certain agencies, cities, they’ve got a job to do,” said Ahern.

Ahern says he is “proud to be an American” and believed it was his patriotic duty to “do what is right for our country,” by supporting the President by hosting the event.

He is not a stranger to his properties breaking state gathering rules. His hotel was fined for not following COVID guidelines while hosting an “Evangelical’s for Trump” event last month.

A pageant was also shut down by the City of Las Vegas for violating the Governor’s COVID-19 directives.

The Xtreme Manufacturing venue in Henderson has 30 days to respond to the notice. Mr. Ahern says regarding the warning prior to the event and the fine assessed, “he respects everyone’s position.”

Ahern admits there is fallout and may address more questions tomorrow. Please check back with 8 News NOW for an update on this story.