LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Monday mornings shooting at the popular Chinatown restaurant, ShangHai Taste is still very much on the minds of many.

Metro released new surveillance video of the suspect who attempted to rob the restaurant and in doing so shot a waiter multiple times.

Detectives are also looking into another burglary in the same area they believe is related.

Jack Sun, who owns Okinawa Onigiri Restaurant just a couple doors down says he wants to feel safe again. “Hopefully, we can have the management of this plaza hire more security and set up more cameras around the parking lot,” Sun shared.

According to Police, the other nearby burglary went unreported until now. This is often the case within Asian-owned businesses says Sonny Vinuya, the President of the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas. 

“Asian business owners need to be more vigilant in reporting to Metro on what is going on and have that communication and dialogue with them,” Vinuya shares.  “A lot of them have commented saying that they can’t believe we actually have a relationship with law enforcement in Las Vegas unlike from the country they were in as they would typically stay away.”

The owner of ShangHai Taste shared with 8NewsNow that Wang, the man who was shot multiple times, is on his way to recovery and underwent his second surgery Tuesday.