LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A startling situation early Monday morning as an intruder broke into the ShangHai Taste restaurant off Spring Mountain in Chinatown.

A waiter, whose name is Wang, was shot multiple times after defending himself from the suspect. Wang is now in critical condition at UMC. 

The owner of ShangHai Taste tells us he didn’t even know anything was going on until he arrived to work Monday at 6 a.m. to find Metro surrounding the restaurant.

Locals who frequent the area and workers in ShangHai Plaza says they’ve never seen anything like this happen here. 

“This place is filled with people, all the time especially in the mornings too and through the afternoon so to have it here with a lot of traffic around is shocking to hear,” said local, Jesse Yabut.

“You know as somebody that does work in this vicinity, in fact just a few of doors down, it is pretty scary to know that someone would go to these lengths to do that and for something so petty,” said Devon Mangani. 

“It worries me for my fellow co-workers and the people in this plaza,” Mangani added.

Plaza security made the call to Metro. The suspect is described as a Black man last seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and white shorts. 

ShangHai Taste plans to reopen on Wednesday and in a Facebook post they mentioned that for the remaining of the year, they will donate their proceeds to Wang, and his family in support. “Right now, all we care about is that is that Wang heals fast and is as healthy as possible,” said ShangHai Taste Restaurant owner, Joe Muscaglione. 

“We are closed Monday and Tuesday just to be with him,” he added.