LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Early voting is underway for the June 14 primary election but some voters still have questions about the mail-in ballots, including why they haven’t received one yet.

Sandra Cosgrove with Vote Nevada, a non-partisan organization that helps voters, said it has received calls from voters asking about their mail-in ballots.

“They didn’t send out the mail-in ballots in Clark County until last Thursday and with that long weekend with the holiday, people are just now starting to get them. Yesterday they were getting some, today they’re getting more,” she said.

Clark Country Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria said if you’ve recently moved and didn’t do a change of address that would explain why you haven’t received a ballot. If you haven’t moved, he suggests you call the Registrar of Voters at (702) 455-VOTE. You can also call (702) 803-1569 if you need help with your ballot.

In addition, Cosgrove said because Nevada has closed primaries if you’re registered as a non-partisan you don’t get to vote for the governor, or U.S. Senate, or Nevada Legislature candidates. The DMV automatically defaults voters to nonpartisan if they don;t fill out their party affiliation.

“Fortunately all you have to do is take your sample ballot and go to the nearest vote center and it can be updated there,” Cosgrove said.

Click here for a list of locations where you can vote or drop off your ballot.

Nevada’s primary election is June 14, 2022.