LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A recount is underway in the razor thin race for Clark County Commission District C.

Democrat and former Secretary of State Ross Miller beat Republican Las Vegas City Council member Stavros Anthony by just 10 votes in the November election. Vote totals in the race were 76,586 for Miller, and 76,576 for Anthony.

The counting began at 5 a.m. Monday and will continue every day until 10:30 p.m. until Friday.

“We’ve got to count it the same way we counted ballots leading into the election. The difference is we don’t have to wait on the counting board. The ballots are prepped because they’ve already been counted one time. We can move at a much brisker pace,” said Joe Gloria, Clark County Registrar of Voters.

Anthony had a lead on election night but that lead was erased as more of the mail-in ballots were counted pushing Ross into the lead by a handful of votes.

Last week, the county certified the vote even though election officials said they had identified 139 voting discrepancies in the race, including some people who may have voted twice.

Anthony had wanted a special election and Miller sued to prevent that. Anthony then called for a recount. He is hoping to be the first Republican elected to the Clark County Commission in 16 years.

Currently, Democrats have a 7-0 advantage on the commission.

Anthony’s campaign said the recount will cost $80,000 but if Anthony wins, he will be reimbursed.