LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Vote Forward is a nonprofit organization that empowers grassroots volunteers to help register voters.

A total of 100,000 volunteers have signed up to write letters to encourage voters to make their voices count in the 2020 election.

One valley couple say they are motivated to give people the extra push to go out and vote.

Ed Martin is a Vote Forward volunteer.

“They had a special election in 2017 in Alabama and he wanted to make sure that he got more people to vote,” says Ed Martin, a Vote Forward volunteer.

“They proved that nearly 3 percent of the population responded positively and actually voted,” he says.

Martin and his wife Julia are very concerned with the upcoming election, so they decided to joing the Vote Forward cause.

“Julia and I have been involved in this for probably 90, 120 days … three to four months.”

And together, the Martins have handwritten a total of 800 letters. Their message: to go out and vote.

“Eight-hundred was never really our goal, but it’s kinda what we’ve gotten to and we’re pretty happy with that,” says Julia Martin

The Martins say they have spent an hour a day writing letters to people who live in places including Georgia, Florida, Minnesota and eastern Pennsylvania.

“Basically, you adopt 20 voters at a time. They have all various states listed, and you print out 20 letters. There’s a template, but you then personalize that with your personal mesage as to why you feel elections are important,” Julia says.

A lot of countries in the world don’t have the privilege to vote, so Ed and Julia Martin are very committed to the cause.

“My wife’s note is different than mine. In mine, I indicate … Ed, United States Army veteran … because I want people to know that as a veteran how important I think this is,” Ed Martin says.

“It’s not partisan. It’s not advocating one way or the other. It’s saying you’re a citizen. You have the right to vote. Please try to go out there and do that,” Julia says.

The Martins say Vote Forward’s initial goal was 10 million letters. Now, thanks to the many volunteers, they have exceeded that and are up to 15 million letters.

The big mail drop will take place this Saturday all across America.