LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Hundreds of volunteers gave their time Saturday as part of National Rebuilding Day to beautify 19 homes around Clark County.

In Henderson, at least 20 volunteers were shoveling gravel, painting siding, and repairing gutters. Bob Cleveland of Rebuilding Together of Southern Nevada said his organization is focused on assisting homeowners making around $23,000 a year, and who are disabled, veterans, or seniors.

“We see homeowners that haven’t had air conditioning for three years, or they haven’t had hot water for two years,” Cleveland, who is the chief executive officer of Rebuilding Together, said. “Their roofs have been leaking for a couple years, and the maintenance just becomes too much for them.”

The volunteers, who are also corporate sponsors, were working Saturday morning at home near Green Valley Parkway and Warm Springs Road in Henderson.

Rebuilding Together already replaced that home’s roof, doors, and floors, and even installed an AC unit.

“They’re barely getting by on what they have for food and medicine, and then you have a repair that’s going to cost $13,000. They have nowhere else to go,” Cleveland said.

Sheryl Canales was walking her dog in the neighborhood when she saw all the commotion.

“There are still people out there that will come and give up their time, and do good for other people. I think that’s great. We should all do that,” Canales said.

Canales lives two houses down and said the home was in need of the attention volunteers are giving it.

“I was even contemplating pulling weeds there,” Canales said. “But I think it’s a good thing what they’re doing. Brings the property value up here for all of us, and you know supports our neighbors.”

As for the dozens of volunteers working up a weekend sweat, most said they’d do it again.

“It feels great, it’s putting a smile into their face. You know sometimes it’s hardship, and so what we try to do is try to put a smile and try to help out the community,” Luis Tapia said.

According to Bob Cleveland, Rebuilding Together will work on about a thousand homes this year.