Viva Las Vegan: New vegan hot dog cart adds to growing trend of plant-based food

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Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, but it’s also known for its food, and over the past couple of years, the city’s really become a hub for Vegan, or plant-based, eateries.

Savoring every sizzle of a brand new business, husband and wife duo Monica and Anibal Flores just started their own hot dog cart, and it’s called Phyto’s Vegan Eats.

“It’s all vegan. Everything we do is done from our cart,” said Monica Flores.
“When transitioning to veganism it’s a little bit tougher kind of getting those comfort foods that you want, especially on the street, so we decided why don’t we open up a hot dog cart.”

Phyto’s Vegan Eats has three menu items, and each piece has its own distinct flavor.

The couple is vegan, so the venture is both professional and personal.

“It’s very rewarding being able to branch off, do your own thing, and create your own food that people enjoy,” Anibal Flores said.  “It gives us more time to be with each other and we are accomplishing the same goals.”

Phyto’s is joining a growing list of vegan food options across the valley.

A recent Wallethub study shows Las Vegas is the 10th best city for vegans. A map on the website, shows just how many vegan food choices there are in the area.

The green markers show purely vegan restaurants like vegetation. One of the first vegan food options in Las Vegas, “The Restaurant,” says it is thrilled to see more of them.

“Now, there’s like 24 vegan concepts all together in Las Vegas, not even including a lot of the pop-up concepts that are coming up, so it’s amazing,” said Kelly Bennett, the creative director of Vegenation. “As an ethical vegan myself, it’s so cool to see Vegas really become this epicenter of plant-based eating.”

They’re expanding their menu, with items like a vegan cheeseburger taco.

And while Phyto’s Vegan Eats is sticking to cart and catering fare, the owners’ ultimate goal is to open up a restaurant too.

“As soon as we can get a location, we’re going to go ahead and do that,” Monica Flores said.

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