Visitors sounds off on rising gas prices as travel demand increases

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas is seeing a boost in visitors now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in Clark County, but the trip into town is costing travelers a little more these days.

Vegas resident, Vincent Zaldivar is pleased to see Vegas flourishing again with people and activity, but that’s not to say he hasn’t noticed all that comes along with it. 

“It’s exciting to see all the traffic come back to Vegas. I think people have been just cooped up at home, so we are seeing a lot of demand,” he said. “We are paying more for lots of stuff like gas and travel. It’s been tough and everybody is complaining about it, so you know it’s hard.”

Gas prices have majorly increased across the valley. Airfare and hotel rates are also rising as the travel demand has increased.

In Nevada, we currently have the 3rd highest gas prices in the entire country — the first being California.

Visitors, like Greg Sermeno from Fresno, are not surprised one bit.

“We drove about 6 hours and the gas was almost $5.00, and I had to fill up twice,” he said.

Those from smaller states have noticed the increase as well. 

“We drive for almost of all our vacations, so we are very aware of gas prices and have seen them skyrocket from Omaha to the busier cities,” said Cheri Trautman, visiting from Nebraska.

With gas prices on the rise, one local gas station decided to do something nice and within a two-hour window, they offered their customers $1.99 gas in honor of their grand opening this Saturday.

“We wanted to give back to the community,” said Las Vegas Conoco Owner, Guy Madmen.  “Everybody has had a tough year from COVID lockdowns to now gas prices increasing and a lot of layoffs,” he said.  

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