Virtual schools welcome students back, just not to campus

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While thousands in-person meet-and-greets were happening Friday between teachers and students across the Clark County School District, other students will be meeting their teachers the very first time by logging on to their computers.

Sheila Hulse enrolled her son Hunter in Nevada Connections Academy when he started kindergarten. Now he’s starting fourth grade, and she says it’s the best decision she ever made.

“It’s still the same as traditional school but we get to go on vacation, bring a laptop, he can do school,” Hulse said.

“He’s doing hockey. He likes to spend a lot of time on the ice, so we do that during the afternoons if we want,” she said.

She gets to be involved, and he gets personalized interactions with his teachers. If he needs to be pushed more in one subject — or advanced — he gets that as well.

Hulse loves the flexibility it offers her family.

Nevada Connections Academy is a virtual public school for students K-12. It operates statewide. Kids are tested at the beginning of the year and based on those results are given their curriculum.

It’s different from home schooling. Parents are not the teachers, and they don’t have to purchase the curriculum or come up with the lesson plan.

“It’s just a different avenue where I get that one-on-one time, said fourth-grade teacher Katelynn Schneringer.

“When I’m talking to a student for 20 minutes, that looks a lot different than talking to a student in a brick and mortar school for 20 minutes, because that 20 minutes is broken up by announcements, phone calls, bathroom breaks, a rubber band thrown across the room, a chair thrown across the room, you never know.”

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