Virtual program open to moms battling ‘baby blues’ during pandemic

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The mental effects of the pandemic are taking a toll on new moms.

Health experts say that about 70 to 80 percent of women will experience the “baby blues.”

And many of these women will experience the more severe condition of postpartumm depression.

Experts are concerened the pandemic is exacerbating those struggles.

We spoke with Dr. David Gennis, clinical director of behavioral health services at Southern Hills Hospital.

Dr. Gennis says that most of the time, resources are not being accessed or used because of the stigma associated with women having difficulty bonding with their child — or not feeling happy about being a new mom.

“I think that society perpetuates this image when a woman conceives a child that this is supposed to be the most amazing time in a woman’s life,” Dr. Gennis says. “And for a lot of women, though, that’s not always the case.”

“And I think because of that image, women feel ashamed and maybe even a little embarrassed to openly talk about their experience because they’re fearful of being judged,” he says.

Dr. Gennis says the virtual sessions offered by Southern Hills Hospital are facilitated by a licensed clinician and are confidential.

“It’s just a safe space where these women can come together and share, and process and brainstorm how to feel better and how to move forward,” he says.

“I think for a lot of these women, too, it’s normalization of the feelings that they are experiencing together — as a collective — where they don’t feel shamed, and that they can learn how to move foward and how to heal and how to attach and bond to their baby.”

The sessions are free and open to any woman that needs help.

Women can take the sessions from their phone or computer at home every Thursday at 10 a.m.

For more information, call 702-916-7600.

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